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MyJoulo wins British Gas Connecting Homes Startup Competition and Best Paper at BuildSys 2013.


October 2013

Work from the iDEaS Project has appeared in the following press articles:

Artificial intelligence (AI) means more than just neat gadgets - It could mean a greener future for everyone
Huffington Post UK, 28th March 2013

Smart, social energy: Can software change our energy habits?
BBC News - Technology, 8th November 2012

Bidding for volts
The Economist, 6th September 2011

Computerised scheduling for electric vehicle charging
The Engineer, 6th May 2011

Smart-grid 'stockbrokers' to manage your power
New Scientist, 7th March 2011

Smart meters help improve home efficiency
IET Magazine, 2nd August 2010

Game theory: The secret to a clean-energy, smart-grid future?
Greenbang Sustainability Research, 5th May 2010.

Computerized agents for smart electricity
ScienceDaily, 5th May 2010.

Smart interfaces for smart meters
BBC News, 5th October 2009.